Awnings Sunshine Coast

Kawana Blinds manufactures a large and versatile range of external awnings. This allows us to provide the right solution for the right price.

The benefits of fitting an external awning include cutting down the heat, reducing household bills, reducing fading on furniture and carpets, allowing windows to stay open in rainy weather as well as increasing privacy.

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Material & Custom Powdercoated Awnings

We can supply our awnings in a variety of materials and colours to suit your situation. Awning skins can be made from long lasting colour fast polyester/nylon blends, acrylic or canvas fabrics in either water resistant or water repellent grades and in either plain or patterned design or in Clear or tinted PVC.

Where it is required we can have the frames and fittings powder coated to match existing property colour schemes. Our components are locally sourced in Queensland.

Awning Control

Awning operation can be manual via ropes, manual via crank operated gearbox or motorised. Motorisation is wired into one of the household 240v supply circuits. Operation is provided via a fixed control station or a hand held remote. Multiple awnings can be controlled through a single controller.

With advancement in technology we can provide and install sensors that can sense light and wind speed and operate the awning to provide shade as well as retract in adverse weather to protect your investment.

Automatic Retractable Awnings

Where a close fitting awning is required this is a great choice. With narrow projection into walkways or in places like balconies where space is at a premium these are ideal.

Easy to operate self-locking arms allow the awning to be positioned where it can provide optimum sun protection. At the end of the day or in winter the awning can be rolled up to maximise the benefits of the winter sun.

Made with durable fabrics that retain their colour for years to come the awning can be made to complement the existing colour scheme.

Corrosion resistant tube sections and side guides are used. Optional Stainless steel and aluminium components can be offered for aggressive coastal applications.

An optional colour coded headbox can be supplied for more complete protection of the awning

Drop Arm Awnings

Ideal for medium sized and awning style windows.

Drop arm awnings consist of sprung arms and a roller. The arms can pivot, in an arc, through almost 180 degrees. As the arms rotate from vertically up to down and back the fabric is taken from the roll.

Three types of operation are offered; cord, geared or electric motor. Cord control can be either external or internal, which can suit upper stories or areas that are not easily acceptable. Gear operation is suited to larger awnings. Motorisation suits hard to get to installations as well as large awnings.

Adjustable side arm slides can be provided to optimise the position of the pivot arms.

An optional colour coded headbox can be supplied for more complete protection of the awning

External Louvre Screens

We can manufacture and supply fixed and adjustable aluminium louvre awnings in a number of powder coated colours. The adjustable awnings can be controlled either externally of internally via a gearbox and crank handle.

Ziptrak Awnings
We can supply and install manual or motorised ZipTrak awnings in a range of colours and materials. This patented awning offers a specialised side guide system. The edge of the blind is guided closely in the side tracks and this provides a closely sealed environment to exclude weather and insects. With a balanced spring the awning can be stopped at any position.

Café & Bistro Awnings
We can supply and install clear or tinted PVC café and bistro awnings in a number of styles to suit your needs. Manually operated and with optional zipper sides these are an economical way to maintain a view while totally excluding adverse weather.

Side Channel Awning

Ideal for verandahs and windows the spring operated side channel awning has no cords, cleats or guide systems. Window installations can be on the face or in the reveal.

Consisting of a tensioned top roller and side guide channels with integral multiple stopping points this is a streamlined and stylish awning.

Operation is manual only. By twisting the bottom rail the awning can be raised or lowered to the desired position. Locking of the awning occurs when the twist is released.

The tensioned top roll maintains tension on the fabric.

Available in multiple fabrics and optional headbox a custom solution is available for each installation.

Heavy Duty Side Channel Awnings

Suited to wide areas and areas where wind is an issue the heavy duty side channel awning comes into its own.

Controlled either manually via gearbox or by electric motor this awning can cover wide or large spaces.

Locking pins are fixed into the side channels and the fabric is then tensioned for greater stability in high winds.

Options exist for motorised control including remotes and wind and sun sensors.

Wire Guide Awning

The wire guide awning is a sleek alternative to the side channel style awnings, especially where channels can intrude on a view.

The bottom rail is constrained between two stainless steel wires running parallel to the drop. By capturing the rail this way the awning can be raised and lowered in even high wind situations.

Options exist for motorised control including remotes and wind and sun sensors.

Folding Arm Awnings

A versatile awning ideal for areas that need varying sun protection, additional undercover entertainment area or to make better use of areas that cannot have a permanent cover.

Folding arm awnings can significantly increase undercover areas without the cost associated with building permanent structures.

Simply open or close the awning to provide the required result. At the end of the day roll it up and protect it.

Folding arm awnings allow you to use different settings for different seasons. Fully retract them for maximum sunshine. Where provided you can adjust the angle of the awning to change lighting and space.

Folding arm awnings are self-supporting, don’t require vertical support posts and fold away neatly.

Operation is manual or automatic via gearbox or motorisation. Optional wind and sun sensor control can be provided.