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Roller Blinds

roller blinds susnhine coast

Often called Holland blinds, roller blinds offer a simple, neat and effective way to provide light control and privacy.

Material options including total light block out, light filtering and mesh make roller blinds very versatile and able to be tailored to suit individual needs.

Fixtures and fittings are also colour co-ordinated to suit the material and décor of the house.

Kawana Blinds uses quality components from established Australian suppliers and maintains a stock of components in its factory.

Day / Night Roller Blinds

This system allows you to enjoy the view or filter light during the day and provide total privacy of a night by having dual roller blinds fitted to a window.

A specially designed dual bracket that holds both blinds is fitted to the window reveal or frame.

Blind Operating Systems

Roller Blinds can be supplied with either precision manual chain control or motorised. Motorisation can be permanently wired to the household supply or battery operated. Motion control can be via fixed switch or remote control. Multiple motorised blinds can be controlled through a single controller. With advancements in technology we can provide and install sensors that can sense heat and light and operate the blind to maintain a comfortable environment and to lower energy costs.


Vertical Drapes

vertical drape blinds susnhine coast

Made from overlapping strips of material that can be rotated or drawn to a particular position vertical drapes or vertical blinds (verticals) offer a smart choice for the control of light and privacy.

Verticals are particularly suited to sliding doors and large windows and can be made in blade widths of 89, 100 or 127mm.

Blades can be supplied with chained or chainless weights to meet customer requirements.

Material options including total light block out, light filtering and mesh and that makes verticals very versatile and able to be tailored to suit individual needs.

Control options include cords or wands. Kawana Blinds promotes child safety and all cord systems are restrained. Both operating systems allow the blades to be rotated through 180 degrees.

Each installation is tailored to suit the home and the door or window. As we custom make the verticals we are able to offer systems that draw the blades open to either side, to the centre or away from it as required to suit things such as dual sliding window openings to maximise air flow.

Optional pelmets can be made to suit the décor.

As your needs change verticals offer an opportunity to replace the blades giving you an economical option to change the décor.


Panel Glides

panel glide blinds susnhine coast

Panel Glide blinds are an elegant alternative to roller blinds and verticals these consist of large panels of fabric, hung from overhead tracks, that slide across the window or door.

When used as a feature, we can match fabrics with that of blinds or verticals. Controlled via a wand, our panel glides are child safe.

Options exist for panels to vary from two to nine and for the panels to gather to either side or be split to gather to both sides or the centre.

Material options including total light block out, light filtering and mesh. A variation is available to mix fabrics, colours or textures to create a unique look.


Venetian Blinds

venetian blinds susnhine coast

A versatile covering that allows you to control light and air flow without raising or lowering them. Tilting the blades can also aid in temperature control by varying the amount of light and radiated heat allowed into the room.

Kawana Blinds can supply and install venetian blinds in aluminium, Wood Nature and timber finishes in widths from 25mm to 63mm. A large variety of colours is available.

Venetians can be either cord or cord/wand controlled.