Security Screens Sunshine Coast

Kawana Blinds manufacture Security Doors and Window Grilles to fit any brand of window at their premises Unit 3/3 Machinery Ave in the Kawana Industrial Estate, Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia.

Security doors should not be just an anti-burglar precaution but should be a genuine security barrier against unwanted intruders. They also add to the comfort of the house by allowing fresh air to flow through while the house remains locked. Even though it’s the cooler time of the year don’t think the criminals take time off, they operate all year round.

sunshine coast security screen display

Manufactured here in our factory we can provide you with a choice of 3 different levels of security. Diamond grille, IntrudaGuard perforated aluminium plate and Supascreen 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh.

  • Diamond grille
    This can be provided in a number of powder coated colours to match the house décor and it provides a visual deterent to unwanted guests.
  • IntrudaGuard
    This is a marine grade perforated aluminium plate. It is both durable and corrosion resistant. The design is class leading, views and iar flow is maintained and there is no need for strengthening bars in most applications. This is a proven security solution that has been tested against impacts, knife and jemmy attacks. This is a strong, affordable security solution.
  • SupaScreen
    This is high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel wire that has been woven into a fine mesh screen. The proven strength and durability offer piece of mind while the weave allows a clear view from inside and excellent airflow. Specially manufactured so that dissimilar metal surfaces are not in contact there is no potential for galvanic corrosion. It is suited to our oceanside and marine lifestyle and environment.

Amplimesh Security Screens
Amplimesh products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet a number of Australian Standards that include compliance with strenght and structural integrity, impact, pull testing, jemmy attack, physical attck, radiant heat, bush fire and cyclonic missile impact.

As your local Amplimesh dealer we invite you to visit for more information on the full product range.

Colonial Grilles
Kawana Blinds also offer a range of Colonial Grilles for a more decorative front door. These come in a range of patterns from the very ornate to the more open styles. Colonial doors can also be fitted with triple pin locks for extra security.

If you don’t want to go to the expense of fitting full security screens and doors, Kawana Blinds can fit locks for aluminium sliding windows and doors.

DIY Security Screens
Kawana Blinds offers DIY service for the handyman. Just bring in your measurements and call into our showroom to pick colours and discuss your requirements. You will get a top quality product made to measure at a great price.