wire guide awnings sunshine coast
sunshine coast wire guide awnings

Wire Guide Awnings Sunshine Coast

The wire guide awning is a sleek alternative to the side channel style awnings, especially where channels can intrude on a view.

The bottom rail is constrained between two stainless steel wires running parallel to the drop. By capturing the rail this way the awning can be raised and lowered in even high wind situations.

Options exist for motorised control including remotes and wind and sun sensors.

Material & Custom Powdercoated Wire Guide Awnings

We can supply our Wire Guide Awnings in a variety of materials and custom colours to suit your situation. Awning skins can be made from long lasting colour fast polyester/nylon blends, acrylic or canvas fabrics in either water resistant or water repellent grades.

Where it is required we can have the frames and fittings powder coated to match existing property colour schemes. Our components are locally sourced in Queensland.

Wire Guide Awning Control

Wire Guide Awnings operation can be manual via crank operated gearbox or motorised. Motorisation is wired into one of the household 240v supply circuits. Operation is provided via a fixed control station or a hand held remote. Multiple drop arm awnings can be controlled through a single controller.

With advancement in technology we can provide and install sensors that can sense light and wind speed and operate the awning to provide shade as well as retract in adverse weather to protect your investment.

We use RS001 Solar sun & wind sensor

Wire Guide Awning Benefits

The benefits of fitting Wire Guide Awnings include cutting down the heat, reducing household bills, reducing fading on furniture and carpets, allowing windows to stay open in rainy weather as well as increasing privacy.

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