Ziptrak Blinds Wind Rating

Ziptrak Blinds

Answer: Ziptrak Blinds can withstand more than 130km/hr winds

The summer storms on the sunshine coast can be windy and rainy. The best solution to protect your outdoor area is Ziptrak Blinds. Make your patio or entertaining area weather proof and create a space you can use all year round. Depending on the size, a ziptrak blind can withstand more than 200km/hr wind. No more rushing the BBQ party inside, just drop the ziptrak blinds down and enjoy the protection.

Ziptrak Blind Wind Rating Table

The table below show the wind rating of a ziptrak blind based on its size. Width of the blind on the x axis and the height on the y axis.

  • Smaller ziptrak blinds can withstand 200km/hr winds (green)
  • Medium sized ziptrak blinds can withstand 160km/hr winds (orange)
  • Large ziptrak blinds can withstand 130km/hr winds (red)
Ziptrak Blind Wind Rating Table
Ziptrak Blind Wind Rating Table
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